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Help! What goes on checklists and for what grades?

My Student Logbooks are a great way to keep homeschool assignments organized and on-track, but how do we choose what to assign our children in the first place?

This is a short video sharing how we plan the assignments we will put on the My Student Logbook checklists for each of our children.

We currently have 7 children in homeschool from 1st grade through 11th. I am using Logbooks for each of them this year, even though I usually DON'T recommend using them for first and second grades. (Hypocritical, I know!) If I followed my own advice, we would only be using 5 Logbooks this year. Instead, we're doing 7.

The reason I often don't recommend Logbooks for K-2 is because in my experience, these children need help filling out their Logbooks. That defeats the purpose. The whole point of Logbooks is to give me, the parent, FEWER things to do by empowering children to help keep track of their own assignments and responsibilities, If I have to add, "Help Sally fill out her Logbook" to my Do List, then I've just made my job harder, not easier!!

However, this year I have a couple of unique first and second graders. My daughter, age 7, loves to do anything school related. She's the kind that will ask for extra assignments and work pages, so I'm pretty sure she will enjoy having her own Logbook and if I keep it simple, will keep it up without my help.

My son, age 6, doesn't particularly like school, but he likes knowing what to expect and has a strong desire to see exactly how much more he needs to do before he can go play. So we're going to try letting him have his own Logbook this year, too.

I'll let you know how it goes!

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