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Homeschooling High School:  Planning Homeschool High School Credits and Creating Transcripts

Does the thought of making High-School transcripts make you want to run away?

You’re going to love this!

Homeschool High School Credits can be earned in at least 3 ways:


     1.  Textbooks/established curriculum

     2.  Counting hours

     3.  Demonstration of mastery


Below is a video for each of these.  Enjoy!

(When I wanted to record these videos I had a cold and last minute realized I couldn’t make it 4 minutes without coughing!  So my daughter graciously agreed to narrate for me while I popped one cough drop after another into my mouth.  The hands in the videos are mine, but the voice is hers!) 

Video 1 of 3:  Credits from Textbooks

Referenced or shown in this video:

The Home Scholar

Apologia High School Science Curriculum

Saxon Math

Video 2 of 3:  Credits from Counting Hours

Referenced or shown in this video:

The Home Scholar

Teen Pact Leadership Classes

(our children have participated in these at our state capitol)

Generation Joshua

(by HSLDA – we have personally not participated in this, but it looks good!)

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