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Making the homeschool life easier!

Our Story


My Student Logbooks were created while expecting our 7th child.  I had 4 school-aged children, all doing different work, and our oldest was only 10.  I had tried so many organizational systems...but I could never seem to maintain them...and I was growing weary of always feeling behind.

A New Idea?

Inspired by Ann’s Corner at, my husband and I made the first format for what later would become the My Student Logbook.  I took my printed logbook pages over to the print shop to add the spiral binding and was ready to put this logbook to the test of real life.

Real Life:  When you're just happy if everyone's looking at the camera at the same time!  Success!

I can’t believe it!  It works!

I implemented the system with our children and what amazed me was it actually worked.  It really and truly worked!  I couldn’t believe it.  I loved filling in my children’s assignment lists only once and then using them as long as I want - no maintenance!


My children loved placing a checkmark in their My Student Logbooks after completing each assignment each day.  I found the responsibility for completing their work slowly shifting from my shoulders to theirs.  Sure, I’m still the mom and I still need to tell them to do their work, but my management has shifted from highly-directive (do this next, then this, then this) to a more coaching style (how are you doing on your work?)  I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally have a system that was really working.

If it can work for me…

Trust me, if this system can work for me, then it can work for anybody, no matter how hard getting organized is for you.  I don't want any homeschool parent to be as discouraged as I was...that's the inspiration behind this website!  Like most Christian homeschool families, we are passionate about parents loving, nurturing and mentoring their children – and that means educating them for the glory of God.  The privilege of helping your family succeed at your goals is rewarding beyond description.  It's why EduTaters is here!

Extended Family Session -59_websize (1).jpg

Family Update

Here's our family today (2024)!  We just graduated our 4th student from homeschool which is always bittersweet for me.  We're so proud, but it's a big change for me to realize our homeschool days with this one are finished, too.  Becoming parents of adult children has been a growing process for us!  This coming school year we will be homeschooling the younger 6, the next oldest 3 will be in college studying Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and undecided.  Our oldest daughter graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture last year and is getting married this summer!  Such big changes!  
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