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Homeschool Organization is Easy with My Student Logbooks! 
Learn how easy it is to set up your Logbooks! 
First, tear out a “checklist” page from the front of your student’s Logbook.
Cut off the torn edge.
 Fold on the “fold here” line so that the checklist faces out.
Decide which assignments or tasks to include in your child’s day and list them here.
Decide on which week you would like to start. Tape the checklist page to the back of that week, making sure the checklist can fold over to the front.

Your Logbook is ready to go! 

Now your child can place a checkmark (or page number, score, or lesson number) in each box as each item is completed, giving both parent and student:

peace that comes from a clear sense of direction,

 motivation to get those boxes checked, a

rewarding sense of accomplishment when you easily see all that’s been done, and 

freedom to have fun that comes from this efficient, low-maintenance system!

When the first week is done, flip the page and slide it under the checklist.  Now you’re ready for the next week! 


Use the same checklist for as long as you wish.


When you want to change your checklist, just repeat this set-up procedure: tear out a new checklist and tape it to the back of the week you would like to start your new schedule.  Leave the old checklist in place as it serves as a record of all the previous weeks’ work.

Homeschool record keeping doesn't get any easier!

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