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Drawing with Littles during "Big Church"

Loved this article encouraging families to draw pictures of sermons during church! Keeping children with us during church is a wonderful blessing, but it doesn't come without its challenges. This is a short article encouraging families to draw pictures of sermons to help children learn more and stay engaged. I love how he also concludes that working with these little ones in church is an act of worship itself.

We have always kept our children with us during church service (unless they are being disruptive), but that doesn't mean it's easy. We try to encourage our children to listen to the sermons and try their best to understand what was being taught. Of course, it doesn't always work that well. But that's OK. Life is kinda messy that way. Once our pastor described something as "goofy" during a sermon. Later that afternoon we asked our children what the sermon was about and our young son replied, "I know what it was about. The pastor said 'goofy' so he was talking about Goofy and Mickey Mouse!" (Needless to say the sermon was NOT actually about Goofy and Mickey Mouse, but at least he was trying!)

I usually prefer to take colored pencils to church rather than crayons because the children tend to eat them less (ask me how I know), and we like to put all their little notepads and pencils in one "Church Bag". The idea of each child having their own bag is cute, but with a large number of young children it became too much for me to try to keep track of all those bags. One bag works well. When church is over, we hold open the bag and ask the children to deposit all their notepads, pencils and papers in there.

I love how this short article encourages us to take the time to let all the children show us their drawings and talk about them. Click on the picture to read. :)

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