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Bathing Baby without Hurting Your Back

Parenting is demanding mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - but it's also physically demanding! Most of us overlook the fact that parenting involves a lot of lifting. With proper body positioning, this physical activity can be good for us, but without proper body alignment, it can tear our bodies down. Our bodies tell us this through pain.

In this short video blog I show how I learned to bathe my little ones without breaking my back. I had quite a bit of back pain when I was younger and only had young ones. But when I learned to re-position my body and started moving my body closer to my little ones in whatever I was doing, my back was SO much happier! I'd roll up my pants, hike up my skirt (babies don't care about modesty!) or wear shorts and then put my feet in the tub with them. I cannot tell you what a life changer this simple solution was for me! If you struggle with back pain (as many moms do), please try this. I hope it helps you as much as it did me. :)

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