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Sorting Dressers and Organizing Hand-Me-Downs

Children grow so fast! Keeping children in clothing that fits is a constant challenge. In this short video blog I'm sorting children's clothes and showing how I save and organize hand-me-downs. This video is about two clothing storage spaces: Active (what the child is wearing right now) and Saved-For-Later (what will fit the child in the future) and the transition between the two.

1- Active: Each child needs space to put their clothes, but it doesn't have to be a dresser. Over the years we've used closets, bins, baskets, shelves, etc. (Though I have to say nothing beats a dresser with smooth sliding drawers!)

2- Saved-For-Later: Each child in our house also has a bin of clothes that will be for him some day. To keep clothing organized, it helps not to just save clothing, but to purposefully choose WHO we are saving clothing for and then put it in their bin.

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