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Danger awaits Skyler and Surinam with a loaded EPG. As officers of the of the Allied Galactic Nations' defense corps, they received their first assignment on board the GNS Adventure. When the Adventure is given the task of protecting a mineral rich planet, the two cousins get unexpectedly roped into becoming secret agents. A mysterious new captain, an overnight infestation of rats, and an army of Space Pirates fill this children's novel with excitement and adventure. Join them in their voyage as they decide who they can trust, how to serve God, and discover the mysterious art of espionage.


Written by real life cousins, Emily Chapin and HeliAnna Abbott, this sci-fi book is your ticket to some serious space adventure!



*Fighting and some violence does occur. No characters die.

Untried: Sci-Fi Adventure! eBook

  • This eBook is formatted as a PDF.  Compatible with Kindle, Sony, Nook, and PCs.

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